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Advisory Services & Owner Representation

Overall | Rich-Port's experience and extensive knowledge of the industry can prove beneficial in identifying resources, reviewing proposals, analyzing bids, negotiating contracts and observing the quality and efficiency of the construction process.  Objective cost and status reporting can be provided to keep you informed throughout the process.

Budgeting | Our budgeting model covers all aspects of a project, giving you a comprehensive forecast of your costs from the beginning.  This valuable tool can be used as a guide for all professionals through the design process.  The budget can be formatted to accommodate your specific requirements.

Area Programming - New Construction | We work with a detailed area program to assist in defining the product in the early stages.  Based on zoning requirements and specific input from the operator, square footage is allocated to all necessary functions in the hotel.  The program is calculated using ratios to ensure the hotel is sized within industry norms.

Scheduling | Understanding the intricacies of the process, we can prepare a coordinated development schedule inclusive of all team disciplines.  A critical path is established to assist in meeting the overall objectives.

Schematic Planning Assistance | We specialize in assisting design professionals and developers in the planning and configuration of spaces to maximize revenue potential while satisfying operational requirements.  Plans are reviewed with an eye toward optimum flow, placement and efficiency.  We offer feasible solutions to planning issues when necessary.

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