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Brand Representation & Technical Services

Facilities Program Development | For new projects or major redevelopments, Rich-Port Hospitality works with the project team to develop or refine the building’s area program to insure all operational areas are properly proportioned to the needs of the brand while maintaining the necessary levels of efficiency.  We will pay special attention to staff and service areas to insure all operational needs are addressed and not compromised during the design process.  We will work with the brand team to refine the room type mix to insure the proper ratio between singles, doubles, suites and connecting rooms.

Schematic Planning Assistance | We leverage our hospitality expertise during the design process by assisting the design team in the planning and configuration of spaces to maximize revenue potential while satisfying operational requirements.  Plans are reviewed with an eye toward optimum flow, adjacencies, placement and efficiency without sacrificing operational needs.  We offer feasible solutions to planning issues when necessary.

Design Coordination | We represent the client in periodic meetings, charettes and “red line” reviews to monitor the design’s development and offer feasible solutions to planning issues as they arise.  We will manage the client’s responsibilities to avoid costly project delays by keeping track of all decisions and approvals required from the client. We will facilitate information flow from the client to the project team.


Schedule & Budget Validation | We will review the developer’s schedule and phasing logistics plan for adequacy based on sound duration assumptions taking in consideration current construction market conditions. Specific attention will be given to the pre-opening period to insure sufficient time is allowed for functional area commissioning, setup and staff training.  We will review the developer’s budget for completeness and appropriateness and make any necessary recommendations to insure that all brand/operator-driven aspects of the project are covered. 

FF&E and OS&E Procurement Monitoring | Rich-Port will work closely with the purchasing agent to insure all FF&E and OS&E meet the brand’s design and quality standards.  If applicable we will leverage the client’s vendor relationships to minimize cost and delivery lead times.  We will collaborate with the client’s operating team and purchasing agent to develop a complete OS&E package specific for the facility.  We will also monitor the shop drawing and mock up approval process to avoid costly delays in procurement.


Capital Equipment Coordination | We will work with the client’s in-house experts to facilitate the project team’s specification, design and procurement of capital equipment and systems such as food & beverage, laundry, IT and fitness equipment.  


Construction Monitoring |  Rich-Port will represent the client in periodic construction meetings.  We will identify, monitor and report any critical issues or decisions with a material impact on cost, time or quality.   Leveraging our construction experience we will protect the interests of the client.  We will monitor construction progress by conducting regular site reviews to assess work progress against the established schedule and general quality of the work.  Discovered defects or deficiencies will be documented and corrective action will be recommended.  If the work does not progress as demanded by the schedule and/or milestones are missed, the client will be notified.


Document Monitoring |  We will review and monitor the project’s document flow including change orders, RFI’s, SK’s and ASI’s to insure the client’s interests are taken into consideration.


Turnover Management | Rich-Port will work with the developer to establish an area-by-area turnover plan that allows the operating team to move into areas with sufficient time for proper commissioning, setup and training.  Upon substantial completion, we will participate in the “Punch List” process to insure that areas to be turned over to operations are complete and free of deficiencies.  We will coordinate staff’s training for maintenance and operation of the new equipment and systems with the developer.  We facilitate the turn over of all owners’ manuals to the operating team.

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