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Development & Project Management

Scope Development | Delineation of the project scope is an important first step in establishing a clear and concise project plan. Rich-Port's extensive experience working in existing structures enables us to provide insight into potential problems and hidden conditions early in the planning process. A detailed scope of work is developed based on the client’s overall objectives for each area of the property.

Budgeting | The project scope documents are translated into a detailed budget, which at the project’s onset incorporates early estimates for all aspects of the project. This document is then updated at every stage of the development process providing a baseline and valuable tool to guide the project to completion. We employ a forward-looking approach to budget management to keep the client abreast of any potential issues affecting the project’s cost.

Project Planning | Coordinating the multitude of resources and approval bodies on a project requires a clear understanding of the process.  A detailed schedule of activities is necessary if timely execution is to be achieved. Our approach to planning involves a thorough assessment of the project-specific parameters and availability of resources. The information is layered into a coordinated schedule identifying key milestone dates and critical path activities.

RFP (Request For Proposal) | Setting high performance, schedule and financial expectations for all hired resources is important from the first point of contact.  We work with the client to identify and vet the best potential resources.  A comprehensive RFP package insures the proposed scope is complete and proposals are comparable. A clear understanding and thorough analysis of qualifications and pricing lends ease to the selection process. Resource and contractor selections are made after a thorough review of the pricing information. Proposals are reviewed for accuracy and exclusions are leveled so that equivalent comparisons can be made. 

Design Coordination | Clear communication and detailed follow-up results in better coordination of information between the design team, the client and operator. Periodic meetings, charettes and redline reviews are conducted to verify pertinent information is being incorporated into the plans. Open items are tracked aggressively to facilitate timely completion of the design process.

Contract Negotiation |  Complete scope “buy-out” and leveraged purchasing are the two main objectives of the contract negotiation process. We believe that a tight contract arrangement suits all parties well. Standard form contracts are used and included in the RFP process to create early awareness of the contract terms.

Construction Supervision / Contract Administration | We will closely monitor the quality and the timely progression of work. Close communication is maintained with the contractor, purchasing agent, the design team and the operators to facilitate smooth execution of the construction process. We manage the RFI (request for information) and RFCO (request for change order) processes to minimize time and financial impact. We immediately identify and report any “red flag” issues with potential cost of schedule impact in order to formulate solutions as soon as possible. We review contractors’ applications for payment for accuracy and adherence to the contract.

Cost Reporting | We track all commitments, anticipated additional costs and amounts paid on a forward-looking basis to the completion of the project.  Regular budget updates ensure accurate tracking of all commitments. Protocols are established for the approval of expenditures and payments in accordance with the client’s requests.

FF&E Procurement Administration | We work closely with the project’s purchasing agent to ensure the quality, timely delivery and budget compliance of all FF&E and OS&E. We review purchase orders, budget and expediting reports for accuracy and adherence to the project’s specifications, budget and schedule.


Project Accounting & Control | As an added service we can manage all aspects of the project’s finances including: chart of accounts development, certificate-of-insurance policy, preparing and submitting monthly draw packages, preparing monthly contract commitment, payment and cash flow reports, reconciling bank accounts, tracking self-assessed sales and use tax liabilities, maintaining lien release log, preparing and issuing final project budget report, balance sheet and trial balance.

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